Thursday, April 14, 2011

Emulator PS3 For PC

Langsung aja gk pke basi-basi nih link downloadnya DOWNLOAD masalah firmware

Firmwares for PS3

Firmware(s) for PS3 (2010) | 644 Mb

With recent developments it appears that loading custom firmware on the PS3 may not be far off. I've collected a few official firmwares that I thought people might want to regress to/use as a basis for CFW.

Included in the Archive:
v2.80 - the last original XMB with the "spiderman" font and original orchestra
v3.15 - last firmware for OtherOS support
v3.21 - the linux killer
v3.41 - firmware compatible with PS jailbreak (don't expect this to be available much longer)


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